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Over the years, mobile phones have made vast improvements in every aspect, resolution, processors, cameras, style, but one thing that hasn’t been improved much is sound. We have been given thousands of options in many bluetooth speakers on the market. But sometimes it does get a bit annoying when you can’t fit it in your bag or forget it somewhere, plus the fact that using bluetooth does accelerate the drainage in battery life. Amp has come up with a solution. The Amp iPhone Speaker Case is compatible with all versions of the iPhone 5, and also works with both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Amp attaches to your phone, and uses advanced algorithms to not only increase sound output from your phone’s speaker, but also personalize it, which seems to be something every audio provider is trying to offer nowadays. The increase of audio is said to be double while providing 7 hours of playback time. The built-in amp also works with headphones (20-hour playback time), and to top it all off, it increases your battery life by 25%. For more info head over to



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