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Asus has stepped into the mid-range smartphone market with it’s Zenfone series. The Zenfone 5 has a sleek and simple candy bar design. With interchangeable covers that you can switch out when you get bored of having the same color for too long. There is not a lot of flash, but aesthetically it’s easy to love. The phone comes with a 5-inch HD IPS display with Gorilla Glass, quad-band 3G and 2G, dual-SIM, expandable memory (8GB onboard) and a 8MP camera on the back. Inside it’s fitted with Z2560 SoC, which runs at 1.6GHz that keeps it within expectancy for a phone in it’s grade. First things that many people want to know about with smartphones at the moment is camera and battery life.

The picture quality on the Zenfone 5 is very good for a midrange offering. I used it in low lighting settings and was very impressed by the quality of shots. That is due to the 8MP camera sensor that features an aperture value of f/2.2. The time rewind feature was a bit difficult to accomplish but, this is something that all phones should feature, especially the high level options. Very happy to see that feature is available on the Zenfone. The battery life is ok. Good for about a day of usage. Turn on the power saving mode and you could get maybe 9.5 hrs of nonstop usage out of it.

The dual sim phone comes with quite a few bundled apps that range from mode settings, to Remote Link, to “What’s Next”, and others that allow you to customize your experience on the device. Omlet chat seems to be another open platform messaging service. Time will tell if it will catch on challenge Whatsapp.

Overall I liked the Asus Zenfone 5 and definite contender in the Mid Range Smartphone market. With the likes of Moto G and Acer stepping up in production and marketing, the Asus seems to be on the right path to demanding it’s healthy piece of the market share in the budget smartphone battle.



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