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Today we take a look at Parisian brand, Berluti’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection themed “The Secret Garden”. With inspiration taken from uniforms of various French workers, to Impressionist paintings of well dressed men in their secret garden. The idea of hidden beauty is echoed in the looks presented for the season. With many looks from evening wear to casual looks, along with shoes, hats, and weekend bags. For the first time, all the eveningwear outfits have been handmade by the Atelier Arnys for Berluti. The fabrics are lightweight for summer, but treated to simulate the textures of coarser, heavier textiles. Suits are made from Irish double linen; from raw Tussah silk woven into checked summer tweeds; and from Japanese indigo cotton yarn, bleached before being woven and then dyed to create boldly coloured drills with the tell-tale white diagonal of denim within the weave. The looks are all available now at your local Berluti Stores.

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