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Before I get started, I have to say that rarely is a meal so good that you walk out of the restaurant with a feeling of satisfaction mixed with guilt. A steakhouse that surpasses your expectations and leaves you anticipating your next visit.

The UAE is filled with many, many, many steakhouses all boasting to be the best. One of the top steakhouses I feel is located inside of Address Downtown Dubai named Cut, by Wolfgang Puck and his team.
The location faces the bay outside the Dubai Mall and has an un-interrupted view of the iconic Burj Khalifa. Beautiful ambience for a great evening out.

The staff was attentive and quite helpful with explaining the some combinations and offerings on the menu, it’s sometimes the biggest disappointment when your at a fine dining restaurant and the waiting staff is unable to give you clear explanations of the menu. After the fun of negotiating through a list of starters, out came an impressive array of starters that were all very good from the Steak Tartare to the Tuna Avacado combo with Spicy Chip and Seabass and Duck offerings. You could easily have a very great meal with a few starters and be happy. However, why go to a steakhouse for the first time and not have it’s steak? After the staff brought out the different cuts and sizes and gives a great tutorial, I chose the Austrailian Wagyu/Angus, New York Sirlion. I wanted a steak cooked medium well, which seems to be a difficult task for many chefs lately. I had no toppings or sauces, because I wanted to have this slab of cooked meat in all of it’s glory. I am thinking of all of proper adjectives to describe the steak, but I keep coming back to one, “Perfect”. Before I keep rambling out about it, I’ll stop and just say, “Go try it for yourself…”

Cut by Wolfgang Puck
The Address Downtown Dubai
+971 4 888 3444




CUT Restaurant Dusk



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