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Good friends of, Dubai Desert Twins have been kind enough to share some Spring/Summer 2014 looks for ladies. You will be seeing a lot more from these ladies in the upcoming months and be sure to head over to 

In today’s fashion trends as it is the spring and summer collection coming out there is a lot of pastel colours, many different shades, patterns, materials and designs quite a lot to pick from this year. We are not that into the pastel colours as it doesn’t go amazingly well with our skin colour but if we see a style we like we would definitely try it and see if it looks good or not. We always love waiting to see what’s new coming out in stores and what was once in fashion comes back out in fashion today.

In these pictures from our post we went for a grunge/sporty look.
L1040929 rs

L1040980 rs

Jen in the red tartan dress is wearing:
Dress – New Look
Bag – New Look
Shoes – H&M
Hat – Miss Selfridges

Kate in the sporty outfit:
Top – New Look
Bag – New Look
Trousers – New Look
Shoes – H&M

Our styles are not all that different as we do like to share clothes now and then. Jen does have more of a grunge/sporty look but occasionally loves to wear petite girly dresses and high heels.
Kate loves to wear blazers, skirts, heels etc more of a girly look and wearing sneakers now and then.
As you can see in these photos we are showing a bit of both girly and sporty.

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