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JadoPado, the region’s leading e-commerce experience, today unveiled the evolution of their business into a marketplace.

JadoPado allows sellers from around the world to set up a store in a few minutes and start selling their products to a global audience. Featuring JadoPado’s industry leading design and user experience, the platform lets sellers sell new, used and refurbished products directly to buyers.

“JadoPado has seen tremendous growth across the region over the last four years by focusing on our customers,” said Omar Kassim, JadoPado’s CEO. “We’re taking the next step by revolutionising the way sellers approach e-commerce.”

“We’ve used multiple technologies to build sophisticated tools for sellers,” said Karlo Alfredo, JadoPado’s CMO. “We’ve blended creativity, ease of use and an incredible user interface to create the fastest way to start selling online.”

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JadoPado addresses the major challenges of selling online by providing easy to use tools to allow sellers to manage their stores. Products, offers, and order management are all baked into the experience as well as the ability to customise stores to create unique branded experiences.

Setting up a store with JadoPado takes a few minutes. Sellers can add offers to existing products in JadoPado’s catalogue or create new products across 16 top level categories and over 5500 categories in total. Orders and shipping are handled through a well thought out interface allowing sellers to ship directly to customers the way they want, whether it be with their own fleet or a third party carrier.

JadoPado gives buyers incredible product and price choice across a wide range of categories and an easy to use, secure experience. Buyers can message sellers with their queries before or after purchase and use reviews to give sellers honest feedback about their purchase experience.

JadoPado handles payments on behalf of sellers with an integrated multi-seller checkout process, and protects them from fraud while also securing buyers’ payment details and personal information. Sellers can request to be paid out to any bank account globally once a buyer has received their purchase.

Whether a seller in the region is looking to expand their offering to a global customer base or an international seller is looking to start selling into the region, JadoPado is an efficient channel for testing new products and as a source of new revenue.

“Online behaviour in the Middle East is evolving rapidly and consumers are making more astute choices when it comes to shopping online. We’re seeing steady growth in brick and mortar retailers looking to add an e-commerce channel and trying to figure out how to turn themselves into omni-channel retailers. We see JadoPado as an important part of that mix, allowing retailers to go to market quickly and test the waters before they throw millions of dollars towards change,” said Omar Kassim.

Rising internet and mobile phone penetration over the last five years continues to fundamentally alter the way businesses reach their customers across the region. In 2015, internet users will rise to over 50% of Middle East’s population and the region’s two largest e-commerce markets, UAE & Saudi Arabia, are projected to cross $7 billion in value, highlighting the fast growing appetite for online spending. JadoPado aims to play a vital role by creating market entry opportunities for both regional and international sellers looking to invest in the sector.

JadoPado will continue to kick-start new categories and sell directly to customers as JadoPado Direct.

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