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Kevin Durant just had his 1st MVP season with an amazing MVP speech that went viral due to it’s genuine delivery. He is currently with team USA preparing for the FIBA Basketball Championships this fall in Barcelona. Durant had a very great year with the climbing popularity his signature sneaker line with NIKE. At the launch event for his already highly sought after KD7 line, Kevin Durant took some time to sit down and chat with about basketball, sneakers, and more.

How does it feel coming off of your first MVP season?

It feels good to me to be recognized as one of the best basketball players in the world. I take none of it for granted. My teammates and I work hard on and off the court, and plus I hold myself to the highest standard so I work extremely hard to make sure that I give my best each and every second on the court.

After you finished your MVP speech, did you have any idea that it would go viral, or of the impact it would have worldwide?

I had no idea. It was just a moment where I was speaking from my heart. It’s cool that so many people found it inspiring and heart warming. I didn’t expect that amount of emotion to come out while I was giving the speech though.

There is always an ongoing debate for basketball fans about who is the best. In the last few years, your name has become one of two names mentioned along with LeBron. Many feel that you are the most unstoppable scorer in the game. Do you feel that you are the best?

Yes, I feel that I am the best. That is how every player is supposed to feel about themselves. You don’t work this hard to be anything except the best. I know I have a lot of work to do in my game. I’m not a finished project by any means, so I have to keep working. At this level of the game if I slip up or relax on my work methods, any player can step up and pass me at anytime.

Last season the Spurs had to battle to get out of the first round of the playoffs but then out played the Miami Heat in the finals. Watching the finals how did you feel watching them execute team basketball, and what is your approach going into next season with your team?

They clicked at the right time. As a fan and student of the game it was great watching that display of team basketball. No one can argue against the fact that the better team won. My team and I just have to focus on getting better and not letting media or anyone outside interfere with what we have going on. I hate when media or outside fans say things like, “Their window is closing….” The Spurs have shown that there is no such thing as a window when it comes to team basketball. We just have to work hard, address our weakest points, and stay focused.



How has your relationship with Nike and designer Leo Chang in particular grown over time?

It’s been a great relationship. I feel blessed to be a part of the brand. I mean, just having a shoe that I can call my own is a dream come true. Leo and I spend so much time in designing the shoe that we have a great understanding of each other. We go back and forth a lot about design ideas at the most random times. It’s great working with a company and people who are like myself in that we prepare well and work hard.

What’s the usual timeframe that goes into creating a new sneaker? And what are some of the stand out features on the KD7?

The process usually takes about 18 months. We are usually a year and a half in front and it gives us time to make sure the shoe is done right. The KD7 has few new features added apart from others in my line like, the flywire, zoom bag, foamposite, plus we brought the strap back. I feel with each shoe, we are just getting better and better.



Nike designer Leo Chang drew on Durant’s favorite color red for the KD7 Global Game. The shoe features a globe graphic on the tongue. The Swoosh is adorned with confetti in celebration of the two gold medals and tournament MVP honors Durant has earned playing internationally for the USA.

“With the KD7 we want to build strong storytelling,” said Durant, basketball’s reigning MVP. “Leo and the team are always technically focused, but we also want to have some fun with hidden stories that make me who I am.”

The KD7-Global Game is scheduled for release worldwide on Aug 2nd.



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