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Planning for a special night out with your guy? You’ve got the right dress, hair, makeup and nails all done and he shows up at the door in sweatpants and a T shirt? Most women would love to see their men dress better. Achieving this, however, is not without its obstacles.

Rather than nagging him about his clothes or dragging him to the shops, compliment his physique and offer to help him find the perfect outfit. Try online shopping, as most guys will resist going to the mall but love anything on the computer. Check out Knot Standard, a modern online custom men’s clothier that helps guys create their own individual look.

Here are some more tips to helping your guy upgrade his style:



1. Start with a tailored suit. No guy looks good or feels comfortable in an ill fitting, poorly made suit. Help your man enjoy looking good by buying him an impeccably made custom suit. Tailoring really does make all the difference.

2. Choose fabric, pattern and colors that suit the occasion. Going to the races? Go for something lighter and more colorful. Attending a wedding, pick charcoal grey or navy.
3. Consider your man’s personality. Is he the shy retiring type or a guy who likes to get noticed? If the latter, then go for Prince of Wales checks or windowpane for an elevated look that will stand out. Try Knot Standard’s Madison Charcoal Windowpane Men’s Suit for a strong, sexy suit with a touch of flamboyant style.

4. Build from the basics. A beautiful suit needs a quality men’s dress shirt, a complimentary tie and pocket square, polished shoes and a fine men’s watch.

5. If your man is hypersensitive about his appearance, nudge him toward greater style in small steps. Start by asking him which celebrities or actors he admires then show him images of those guys dressed to kill. Buy him some similar clothes to encourage him to try them out.

6. Once he does start dressing a bit better (i.e. like you want him to), reward him with small gifts or other surprises. This will encourage him to keep trying new clothes.

Finally, once he’s excited about it, help him choose a whole new wardrobe. Suits, sport coats, chinos, jeans, dress shirts and all the accessories.


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