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Usually, an armored anything is either packed to the brim with protective features but suffers in the cosmetics department, or looks great and doesn’t have quite enough in the way of armor. Until now. Introducing the Mercedes S600 Guard, an incredibly well-designed S-Class that expertly blends functionality and visual appeal.

The S-Class is packed with special reinforced steel fitted between the car’s frame and body which provides extra protection from bullets and rockets. The car also sports thickened laminated glass coated with polycarbonate to protect against splintered glass. The S600 has been designed to look as similar to the standard S-Class as possible, but also has flashing lights and flags that ensure other drives know that someone important is within the vehicle. The S600 also has upgraded brakes that help deal with the extra weight of the armor, along with brake calipers that have been upgraded to six-piston units. The car is powered by a 390 kW (530 hp) V12 engine, and only hits a top speed of 130 mph. Mercedes has yet to reveal how much this stylish armored car will cost you, but expect to pay quite a substantial amount more than the standard S-Class.







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