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The innovative home maintenance service provider in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, MPlus+, were kind enough to share some tips with us for preventive home maintenance. These steps can go a long way is saving homeowners time and money.

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”, this could be true for many aspects in life. However, when it comes to your home, preventive maintenance is very important as it helps avoid failure and damage. By implementing a preventative maintenance plan, you can look after your home and limit the chances of costly repairs. Maintenance doesn’t have to be a headache that we sometimes think it is. MPlus+ recommends the following quick tips:

MPlus+ AC Maintain-1

1. Service your air conditioning units 3 times a year: Properly serviced AC units operate more efficiently and reduce your energy bills by 10-20%. It is recommended that when it comes to the A/C preventative maintenance, you employ a qualified technician to carry out your request. All MPlus+ technicians carry a Diploma and qualification in their specified field of expertise as well as experience within the industry. The maintenance check-up should consist of the following:
• Filters are cleaned or refitted as necessary
• Motor speed and current is checked
• All thermostats and valves function correctly as per default temperature
• Condensers are free to drain
• Cleaning of dirt built-up on the blower and coils
• Water flow through coils and control valves; note the readings
• Tightening of nuts, bolts and screws
• Examination of wiring, connections and insulation
• Damaged items such as isolation valves grilles, filters, knobs etc. are replaced and paintwork is touched up
• Examination of heating /cooling water circuits for leaks
• Cleaning of condenser trays and repainting as required

main switch-1
2. Service the electronic items once a year. This is also a task that needs to be handled by a qualified person as electrical faults can be dangerous if managed by a non-professional. The following things need to be taken into consideration during the annual maintenance service:
• A visual inspection of the whole electric installation in the residence (distribution board(s), wiring, sockets, light fittings, switches, extractor fans, cooker hoods, where installed) etc. to check their integrity and conformance to all applicable standards
• Cleaning of the inside and outside of all distribution boards
• Earth value in the main distribution boards is measured
• All circuit breakers to be tested
• Any abnormal noise in the contactors and breakers to be checked
• All breaker wire connections, neutral link, earth link and bus bar joint tightness to be checked
• Dehumidifier heater functions, three phase indicator lamps and all panel meter function and calibration status to be checked
• Connected load to be measured for each circuit and to be verified with maximum allowable load

MPlus+ checklist-1

3. Plumbing as we all know can be a maze of confusion. If you make one mistake you might have floods at home! Plumbing needs to be serviced once a year by a qualified maintenance professional. Do check if the following things are taken care of during the maintenance visit:
• All traps, faucets, mixers, shower heads, valves, etc. should be checked to ensure correct operation and supply of hot and cold water. They should also hold normal working pressure without being subject to over-tightening
• All visible pipe work for soundness, leaks, fixing support and alignment needs to be checked
• All drainage from all sanitary ware, sinks and other fittings is free flowing and that there is no leakage from traps, connections, etc
• Ensure all manually operated and automatic flushing devices operate correctly and that water is not running continuously to avoid internal or external overflow
• Ensure all control/isolation valves operate freely and are not passing in the closed position
• Make sure that adjustments, cleaning, repairs or replacements are undertaken as conditions dictates, including re-washing taps and valves re-grinding sittings and replacing seals “O’ rings, etc
• The water heater terminal point is checked and cleaned
• The water heater thermostat set point is checked
• Water tanks, pumps and associated fittings are checked

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