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Grimshaw Architects has been chosen to plan a range of recreational community facilities across Qatar, creating enlivened social spaces that encourage public participation. The multipurpose resources will be equipped with a variety of courts, public amenities and outdoor children’s playgrounds, serving as informal spaces for young people, families and sports enthusiasts.

Secured through a competition funded by the Qatar Olympic Committee, the scheme provides for a variety of sports including football, volleyball, basketball and handball. At the center of the design, an elevated café acts a vibrant social hub, surrounded by courts and set against the backdrop of desert sand dunes. designed as a kit of parts and deployable in various sizes, the bespoke components can easily be adapted for the construction of future recreational facilities throughout the country.


Fabric canopies, reminiscent of vernacular flowers, have been designed to both provide shade and indicate important routes to seating areas. Seating is positioned within the landscape, providing places for families to congregate and watch sporting events. from an environmental perspective, the design incorporates shading canopies, and passive programming, using the undulating topography across the site to funnel cool breezes. the design also employs a grey water recycling system to help irrigate the surrounding landscape.

‘We are delighted to know our design will create highly accessible informal public space that enriches social activities while also developing athletic talent within the local community. This project provides an opportunity for Qatar to encourage all its residents to lead healthy lifestyles’, commented Grimshaw Partner Keith Brewis.



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