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Nestled in the heart of Downtown Dubai, the Bahriani gourmet tea parlor “Tea Club” has opened it’s flagship location. The Tea Club, already with two highly successful locations in Bahrain will be looking to expand through out the market and bring the experience that is Tea Club to tea aficionados and those of us who just think that we are across the region.

Naima Mattar and Fayadh Al Dosri

Tea Club is developed by the Bahriani entrepreneurial mother and son duo Naima Mattar and Fayadh Al – Dosri. Both founders are passionate about delivering the finest tea experience possible and are very serious when it comes to the calibre of teas on offer. To keep standards sky high they have traversed the globe in hunt of the finest leaves and most aromatic blends of over 3,000 fusion teas. Sometimes, only the very best will do.



The tea parlour offers seasoned tea connoisseurs to newbie tea goers alike the chance to truly tantalise taste buds. Tea Club’s ingenious tea menu, spans from Sri Lanka’s finest tea – Loolecandera which is known for its exceptional calming qualities, to the ultimate antioxidant tea, Sour Sap. Other signature specials include homemade iced tea, Berries Berries and Cold Fusion.

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Commenting on the launch, Founder, Naima Mattar added “Tea is a versatile beverage – from its abundant health advantages, to its ever-lasting, scented taste – we have seen that it’s plethora of benefits has made it into the next most sought out trend in the region. At the Tea Club we are passionate not only about the taste but with the range of health and wellness benefits of our tea too. We ensure that only the most nutritional and fit plants are staked and we control the lengthy process of conditioning, persevering and brewing teas to ensure customers receive utmost, exquisite tastes and range of wellness benefits.”

Co-founder, Fayadh Al – Dosri said “The Tea Club dream stemmed from my mother’s high flying financial career – working at the likes of JP Morgan Chase, Indoseuz, and Alliance Bernsteinafter spending half her life on business trips, staying in countless hotels across the world, dragging me along with, we together wanted to recreate a gourmet five star tea experience, matched only by those found in the lavish-est of hotels, but one that can be enjoyed by those who wouldn’t necessarily have the financial means to frequent stays in exclusive hotels.”





Tea Clubs also offers an array of signature dishes including Almond Prawn Tempura, Grilled Chicken Stack and Mushroom Pistachio Ravioli. From its teas and tasty treats, to its stylish yet relaxed atmosphere and the chance to get creative, mix fusions and blend your very own tea to take home, a visit to Tea Club an experience quite unlike any other.

Tea Club is open from 7:00 am to 12:00 am every day. For reservations please call: 055-371-0456.






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